“We are OESL and we have built a big network for you.”

“We are OESL and we have built a big network for you.”

Ruben van Ooijen


Ruben van Ooijen is owner of Offshore & Employment Solutions. He is working in the offshore since 2001 and his expertise in the offshore ranges from drafting until management level. He started as draftsman and saw the possibilities in the offshore. He gained his Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering while he was working as an installation engineer for Allseas. With enough expertise in offshore engineering he decided to become self-employed and worked for several established offshore companies like Heerema, Seatrucks, Visser&Smit Marine Contracting, Jumbo Offshore and MRTS (Russian company working for Gazprom Projects). During that period he setup a company providing engineering support for engineering by performing in-house scopes of work provided by clients or he worked as contractor at client offices.

Working for these offshore companies there is always a need of competent personnel with expertise. While having a background and network in the offshore industry, OESL is able to pinpoint the pain of the client and to fill in the need. This can be either by executing in-house scopes of work or delivering competent professionals. As mentioned OESL has built a big network and in this network and database there are many competent candidates which can be employed at client office.

Wierin Rambhajan

Technical Business Consultant

Wierin Rambhajan started in the offshore business in the year 2004. Like every starter with a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering the search started for a suitable job. Different jobs where available, but his interest for offshore activities started when a friend introduced him to Allseas Engineering. He started as an installation engineer, where he discovered the dynamic world of offshore pipeline installation. During his career at Allseas he gained a lot of offshore experience by working as a field engineer on project basis and also by working as project engineer. After his career at Allseas Engineering he continued working as a consultant at different offshore companies like Heerema and Seatrucks Group. The interest for offshore never left him. The offshore offers him action, the hands-on-mentality and a lot of challenges when working with different people from different levels.
To every starter or potential candidate I would like to say; always stay true to yourself and your competences. There are a lot of jobs available, but it is important to find the similarities in your own talents and the job you are in search of.



Vienay Rhambajan

Back-office Consultant

Vienay Rambhajan is a young professional who spreads his wings and pursuits what he does best. With his bachelor degree in Communication Science and specialization in Marketing and Consultancy he started his career as a Junior Brand Manager. Since that moment his fascination with branding was set, but not complete. By working in different departments of various companies he has been able to develop into someone who can maintain a clear overview, but where necessary consult his creativity too. For OESL he is responsible for the development of the website and SEO, concerning the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine.
He truly believes in sincerity and that is also the way he works and the people he wants to work with. Professional, open and sincere with a smile.

Marjolein de Kruif

Business Developer

After finishing her bachelor degree Communication in 2011, Marjolein started as a online productmanager. She developed an online real estate service and learned all about the digital world. At that moment she created her passion for digital marketing and data-analyses.
Marjolein is an ambitious young professional who knows everything about the digital world we are living in. She created online campaigns and websites for different company’s. For OESL she is responsible for everything we do online. Think about advertising, content management, web development and email-marketing.


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